(a)  Regular Members.  The annual dues for each Regular Member shall be determined by the TCA Board.   Currently at $10 per year

(b)  Family Membership.  Persons in the same family using the same address may purchase a TCA Family Membership by paying dues in the amount of fifteen dollars ($15.00) which shall entitle such persons to all of the rights and privileges of membership.  The said TCA Family Membership shall expire within twelve months (including the month in which the membership was purchased).

(c)  Patron Members.  Any person may become a Patron Member of the TCA by paying annual dues as determined by the TCA Board.  Patron dues shall be good for one year from the date payment is received.  Patron Members shall receive a special membership card, and shall have their names published on the TCA website.  Patron Members may also enjoy other rights and privileges as determined by the TCA Board.

The Tennessee Chess Association appreciates those who help sponsor the game and offers tax-deductible memberships to Patrons beginning at $100 per year. Membership for all levels will be for 12 calendar months (including the month membership is paid).

Membership questions or payment by mail may be addressed to:

Chris Prosser
Tennessee Chess Association
733 Long Hunter Court
Nashville, TN 37217

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